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Relentless Hard Work

In the journey of entrepreneurship, I often find myself reflecting on the profound question: why was I chosen to steward the company that God has so graciously bestowed upon me? It's been thirty – yes THIRTY - years since it was placed in my hands, and I've come to understand that along with divine providence, God expects me to contribute something of my own: relentless hard work.

 It's a truth I've come to hold dear: the outcomes I achieve with my company aren't merely a result of chance, neither good nor bad. They are intricately tied to the level of dedication and effort I pour into it. Life, in its essence, mirrors this principle. The effort you invest, the commitment you show—these are the determining factors of the rewards you reap. Whether it's your career, your relationships, your role as a parent, your academic pursuits, or any other facet of life, the equation remains the same. You sow what you reap, and if you sow with a wholehearted dedication of 150%, you're bound to harvest the same in return.

During my seminars, I often pose a provocative question to the attendees: "If your income was solely based on commission without any fixed salary, would that drive you to work harder?" It's a query that elicits mixed responses. Many lament the toil they endure without commensurate compensation, yet when faced with the prospect of earning solely based on their effort, they hesitate. The security of a steady paycheck seems preferable. But herein lies the paradox: aren't they already working on a form of commission?

Consider this: once your sick days and vacation time are exhausted, any further absence directly impacts your paycheck. The correlation between your input and your earnings becomes starkly evident. Delayed tasks lead to delayed results. Procrastination only postpones success.

So, what if we were to embrace this reality fully? What if we were to approach every task, every responsibility, every endeavor with the mindset of a commission-based worker? Imagine the shift in work ethic, the surge in productivity, the heights of success that could be attained. It's not merely about punching the clock or meeting deadlines; it's about investing ourselves wholeheartedly, knowing that the returns will reflect our dedication.

In the end, it's not about waiting for luck to favor us. It's about forging our own path through the sheer force of our commitment and perseverance. As we navigate the intricate tapestry of life, let us remember: we are the architects of our destiny, the masters of our fate. And in the realm of success, there are no shortcuts—only the sweat and toil of those who dare to dream and toil to bring those dreams to fruition.

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