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4 Tips for Staying Effective While Working Remotely

Working remotely will be even more common in 2023. We, here at Dean’s Professional Services place hundreds of workers each month in positions across the United States, and many of them are remote opportunities.

Staying productive, engaged and remaining successful while working from home are all new ideas that have to be explored as the workforce continues to change. Here’s our 4 tips for staying productive and engaged when working remotely.

Create a routine and schedule that works best for you. One of the benefits of working remotely is the flexibility that comes with not having to be in a workplace environment. However, it’s important to stick to a routine and schedule that makes sense for productive work. We’ve seen talented candidates be unsuccessful because they slip into habits like staying in your pajamas taking too many breaks and allowing too many distractions. Be sure to get dressed for work as if you were going to work. Allow breaks for yourself, but be sure not to let them exceed company guidelines.

Make time to set up an effective workspace. Designating a workspace is imperative to your success. It can seem great to have the option of working from the couch, however it may become distracting, and you may not have the same access to basic office needs like taking notes, and making phone calls. Having a space dedicated to productivity will create a more organized and effective work day. In addition, having the right mindset is important to your overall success as a remote worker. Being able to separate your workspace from lounge space will help compartmentalize work from rest.

Make sure you understand your expectations. Understanding expectations for your job is important regardless of where you’re working, however because of the remote environment, there is more room for error in interpretation and communication. Take initiative and follow up in writing after a meeting with new to-do’s. Clarify and confirm when interacting with teammates and supervisors and be specific about what you intend to do.

Be collaborative and communicate progress. Having the right attitude and demeanor may seem like a very small thing, but it makes a big difference when working remotely. Take time to make it easy for others to see your progress and agreed-upon tasks. Use the collaborative tools provided such as Teams, Slack, and Dropbox to share updates. Join your regularly scheduled meetings with enthusiasm and be prepared!

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