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6 Virtual Interview Tips for Success

Interviewing can be one of the most intimidating processes for many job-seekers. We, at Dean’s Professional Services conduct and help facilitate hundreds of interviews with potential employees each week. Interviewing virtually is now common place post-covid. Here’s some best practices to follow once you’ve gotten a request for a virtual interview.

Prepare in advance.

Know who you’re interviewing with and do some brief research on the organization and position. Once you’ve gotten some basic info, be prepared to talk about it or ask questions. This shows a level of investment and interest and will help you feel more confident during the video call.

Make sure your tech works.

If your technology isn’t working properly, this can create chaos and disruption for your interview before it even gets started. Test your tech before your scheduled interview time. Make sure you’ve got the proper app downloaded or available, test your video and mic, and troubleshoot any issues before your interview.

Get dressed (professionally), even virtually.

Be sure to look polished and presentable for your industry / profession. Presentation is as important or even more so virtually because the interviewer has less to focus on. Consider a button-up shirt or blouse and do not forget to groom just as thoughtfully as you would for an in-person meeting.

Your background matters.

What the interviewer sees is behind you is just as important as your physical appearance. Consider moving into a neutral quiet space, background furniture and tidiness should be neat and clean. Spaces to avoid include your car (especially with your seatbelt on), a bedroom – unless the bed is not visible, messy room, a room with bad lighting, etc. If you are using a public space, the less distraction and noise the better.

Make eye contact and stay engaged.

It can be more difficult to stay engaged and make eye contact when doing any kind of virtual meeting, however this simple task is one of the most important tips! Small distractions of any kind, including looking at something else on your computer screen, can be off-putting to the interviewer. Consider nodding your head when appropriate and write down notes (rather than typing).

Send a thank you email.

This may seem like it doesn’t fit in this list of tips, but it is still something you’ll want to do when you finish an interview. It creates a follow up opportunity and shows the interviewer you’re excited about the opportunity.

With these tips, your virtual interview doesn’t have to be intimidating! Have questions about interviewing or looking for a job? Visit for more information for all job-seekers.

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