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Dean's Professional Services' partnership extends beyond staffing opportunities to a more customized and fitted solution.

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Since 1993, Dean's Professional Services has provided customized staffing solutions for our clients. Our goal is to become a seamless extension of your organization by understanding your business needs completely. From streamlining compliance to anticipating your seasonal labor needs, we provide a unique and refreshing approach to traditional staffing services.

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  • Assignment Confirmations
    Assignment Confirmations are critical. They include all necessary information regarding your new job. Details included in your assignment confirmation - pay rate start date shift details end date location parking information reporting instructions on-site supervisor timesheet information first pay date We recommend you read this confirmation thoroughly! Once you've received the information, you will be held accountable for the information included.
  • Assignment Parking Details
    DPS does not cover the cost of parking. During the submittal ans assignment confirmation, your staffing team member will cover parking as it relates to your assignment. Information about alternative parking may be available at that time. Click to see information about Texas Medical Center Parking
  • Arriving On Time & Follow Up
    Arriving 15 minutes early is recommended. And, in some cases, we may ask you to map or even drive to the location to get a better idea of the route and time needed to get to your assignment. On the first day, contact your staffing coordinator to let them know when you have arrived. The staffing coordinator will contact you throughout the first week to ensure that your assignment is going as expected, answer any questions you may have, and to ensure you have submitted your time via the required process.
  • Calling off or Running Late
    It is imperative that you contact your staffing coordinator by phone immediately if you are going to be late or calling of for your assignment. It is recommended that you do not call off during your first 30 days, if at all possible. We understand that things happen. however, if you have any issues - please call our office immediately - no matter what time. DPS has a representative available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling our main line at 713-785-483 or 800-805-9318. DO NOT text or leave a voice mail. In some instanaces, you may be been instructed to call both DPS and your onsite manager. If this is the case, please nesure that DPS is notified.
  • Attendance Policy
    Attendance is critical to a successful placement! Failure to contact DPS regarding time away from your scheduled assignment will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. No Call, No Show will result in an automatic termination Tardy with notice = verbal warning Tardy without notice = written warning Unexcused absence with notice = written warning 3 tardies = 1 absence 3 unexcused absences = termination
  • Requesting Time Off
    To request time off, you must submit a time off request form by clicking here. Time off request fors should be made 2 weeks in advance, if possible. If you cannot provide 2 weeks notice, contact your satffing coordinator immediately. Please remember submitting a request does NOT gaurantee approval The time off request fors are submitted to your onsite supervisor for approval and must be approved by both DPS and the client. If you do not receive an answer within 72 hours of the submittal, contact your staffing coordinator.
  • Professionalism
    Dress code and attendance expectations will be provided to you by your staffing coordinator through verbal and email assignment confirmation. In general, we require professional dress as your industry dictates. If your position requires specific dress or shoes for safety reasons, you must ensure that you abide by the requirements. Professionalism is much more that professional dress! Here are just a few key elements that add to your overall professionalism. Attitude Willingness to perform Engagement Involvement
  • Cell Phone Policy While On Assignment
    The use of cell phones and mobile devices are prohibited while on the clock. Your phone should remain on silent and should not be visible while working. If you need to make or receive a call, do so on your scheduled break time.
  • Time Entry Policy
    Your time is your money! It is your responsibility to ensure your timesheet is submitted and received by DPS every Saturday night by midnight. Your time entry process will be determined by the client and will be covered during your assignment confirmation. The standard DPS pay period is weekly, payday is Friday. All time submitted after the deadline (Saturday at midnight) will be processed on the next payroll cycle. Your paycheck can be received via direct deposit or ADP Paycard only. This is set up during your orientation process. Please note, if you'd like to change this option, contact the payroll department for processing.
  • Availability
    You must notify DPS of your availability daily via the DPS WebCenter or the BUZZ app (recommended) or by phone. Failure to call in your availability for more than 1 week will result in deactivation from our system and will be considered a resignation from employment. DPS does not gaurantee minimum hours per shift or assignment. Temporary assignments can change based on the client's needs and opportunity. We will, however, communicate any changes as soon as we are made aware. DPS is a vehicle for employment opportunities, but we are not the only route. We encourage you to continue to look for employment using other means while we are presenting you to our clients. Cliick here to visit the DPS WebCenter and submit your availability. To download the buzz mobile app, click here (IOS) / click here (google play)
  • Paid Time Off Policy
    One week of paid time off is offered after a DPS employee has completed 2,080 hours within the previous 14 months. Employee must be actively employed and on a current assignment to receive paid time off. Paid time off will not be paid out at time of termination or resignation. Field Team Member Responsibility Team Member must request Time Off via Time Off Request Form Request must be at least 2 weeks in advance for 8 hours or more Paid time off will not be available if team member is terminated or not on current assignment Paid time off is not to be used for Non-Scheduled Workdays To receive paid time off, employee must have no “DO NOT RETURNS” (DNR) on file.

Traditional Staffing Solutions

Dean's Professional Services provides temporary, temp to hire, and direct hire staffing solutions. We can support urgent same-day requests depending on the market, specifications, and demand. 


Temporary &

Temp to Hire Solutions


  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service

  • Customized rates based on volume

  • 5-Point check system for vetting 

  • Customized skill evaluations 

  • Clinical onboarding and orientation

  • Dedicated staffing representative 

  • Utilization reporting options 

  • Online time entry and approval system

  • ACA compliant benefits for employees 

  • E-Verify Compliant employees

  • 4 hour guarantee

Direct Hire Solutions


  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service

  • Complimentary working interviews 

  • Flat Direct Hire rates for positions under 45K annual salary 

  • Standard 90-day guarantee

  • Customized skill evaluations 

  • Dedicated staffing representative

  • Utilization reporting options 

Quality Patient Care is our #1 Priority

Dean’s Professional Services is a Joint Commission Certified Health Care Staffing Service. The Gold Seal of Approval® is a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to providing qualified and competent health care professionals. 



Our 5-Point Check System includes comprehensive assessments to ensure each candidate possesses the necessary training, licensure, and clinical competencies, as well as continuing education opportunities and a number of support services. Each candidate is evaluated to fit your facility.

Pre-Employment Requirements & Compliance Requirements 

All applicants are subject to Dean's Professional Services employment policy including but not limited to participation in drug screening, background check and / or healthcare worker pre-employment screenings. Derogatory results, not providing proof of immunity, not completing screening / testing within required time frame, refusal to be tested or any attempt to alter or affect the results will result in withdrawal of application for employment.

Workforce Staffing Solutions

Optimize your workforce with our strategic, cost-saving solutions. DPS Workforce Staffing Solutions provide efficiency and effectiveness through partnerships customized to fit our clients needs. Our expertise in the staffing industry allows us to provide our clients with risk management through compliance management, and quality candidates through customized screening and vetting solutions.


Workforce Solutions Staffing Programs

Dean's Professional Services Workforce Solutions Programs support gig, temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire administration, labor management engagements and other complex services across all skill categories and geographic locations.

Our Workforce Solutions programs combine our expertise in staffing and supplier management with leading Vendor Management System (VMS) technology to best meet your business requirements. Each solution is customized to provide you with the quality talent, seamless implementation, strong governance and compliance, comprehensive and customized program management and tangible savings with a goal of creating operational excellence and yielding sustainable value.

Workforce Solution Services

  • On-call / PRN Solutions 

  • Full Time Pool Management 

  • Customized Technology Solutions

  • Pre-Employment & Healthcare Compliance Management 

  • Customized On-Boarding & Vacancy Workflow Solutions

  • Online Orientation & Education Development 

  • Utilization Tracking & Analytics for Multi-Level Management 

  • Employee Quality Assurance Program Management 

  • Thought Leadership & Executive Consulting

Download our
Case Study

In 2015, DPS was awarded the exclusive contract to provide pool management and temporary staffing solutions to the Houston Methodist Physician's Organization. Since that time, we have proven successful strategic management of what we call the "Solution Pool". 


Click to download our Case Study of the DPS-Houston
Methodist Solution Pool. 


Click here to download


Workforce Solutions Program Benefits

  • Optimizes Workforce 

  • Promotes Continuity of Care

  • Strategic Partnership 

  • Cost-Saving Solutions 

  • Improves Efficiencies Through Technology 

  • Streamlines Workflows for Recruiting,
    On-Boarding, and 

  • Customized Utilization Reporting 

  • Customized Administration Analytics and Dashboard 

Workforce Solutions Tools 

  • Customized Web Portal 

  • State-of-the Art VMS Technology (Vendor Management System)

  • Online Staffing Requests 

  • Mobile-friendly Scheduling App

  • Quality Assurance Online Forms   

  • Staff Communication and Priority Notification Technology

Recruitment-Based Marketing Solutions

Dean's Professional Services recruitment-based marketing solutions are key to elevating your brand recognition for strategic talent acquisition. We are skilled in social media best practices, standardization of recruiting collateral, and recruitment-based ad management.


Recruitment-Based Marketing Services

  • Assessment and Revitalization of Recruitment-Based Marketing Materials

  • Standardization of Job Advertisements 

  • Easy-to-Use Ad Templates 

  • Customized Applicant Flow Processes 

  • Seamless Integration of New Media Communication Tools 

  • Social Media Management 

  • Integration of Re-Engagement Activity Tools

Technology Solutions

At DPS, we understand that technology is a core component of effective communication and process improvement for any size labor force. We are skilled in developing technology solutions and work flows that benefit on-boarding, talent and compliance management and strategic communication.


Technology Solution Services

  • Customized IT Workflows for Staffing Management

  • Order Management Systems for Multiple User Interface

  • Communication Distribution Management with Priority Notifications

  • Utilization and Reporting Solutions

  • On-Boarding and Document Management Systems

  • Customized Web-Based and Intranet Solutions

Training & Education Solutions

In partnership with our sister brand, EdVantage Training Solutions, we partner with our clients to provide training and education solutions. We understand that having an effective training and continuing education solution is critical for onboarding efficiency and retention. At DPS, we have leveraged over 26 years of staffing expertise with technology innovations to provide new training solutions for our clients. 


Training & Education Services

  • Transferring Course Material to Online / Remote Courses

  • Online Classroom Website Management 

  • Curriculum Writing & Instruction 

  • CEU / CME Online Tracking and Program Management 

  • Pre-Employment and Continuing Education Solutions

  • DPS Customer Service Training Programs

  • On-the-Job Training Program Partnerships

  • Partnerships with Nationally-Recognized, Accredited Certification Programs

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Complete our request form and a member of our DPS staffing team will contact you within 24-48 hours. For more urgent requests, call 713-785-7483 or 800-805-9318 (toll free). 

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