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Welcome to the Annual Healthcare Personnel Update.

As a member of the Dean's Professional Services Healthcare or Clinical Services team, you are required to complete the Annual Healthcare Personnel Update to maintain your eligibility for employment with Dean's Professional Services. 

For additional information contact: 

Gerald Stevens, HR Manager - - 800-805-9318 - 713-785-7483

Albert Blair, Compliance & Education Manager - - 800-805-9318 - 713-785-7483

If you are working in a healthcare environment or providing patient care, you will be receiving an email from Dean's Professional Services with detailed information regarding the steps required and documents that will need to be returned. 

The DPS Annual Healthcare Personnel Update includes the following based on client site and occupational requirements.​

1. Electronic Signed Documents (via HR Center) 

2. Annual Wellness Screenings (Due by 11/17) 

  • TB or Chest X-Ray Update 

  • Flu Vaccination or Declination 

3. Updated Immunizations: (Tdap) 

Clinical Employees Only 

1. Rellias skills & core mandatory updates

2. CPR Update

3. Continuing Education Units (3 required) 

Start Here. 

Click the link below to see the details of the 2023-2024 Annual File Audit Instructions. 

Annual Update Resources 

The resources provided below include links to documents, videos, and information that correspond with the documentation received via email. 

Medical Exemption Update as of October 31, 2023

Clients accepting exemption for medical contraindications and religious beliefs: 

  • Houston Methodist Hospital System 

  • Texas Children's Hospital 

  • M.D. Anderson Cancer Center 

Must complete and submit a request for Medical Exemption from Influenza Vaccination or Request for Religious Exemption from Influenza that verifies the reason for the requested exemption. You will be required to provide a document that is signed by your religious or medical organization, all requests must be received no later than 11/17/23. 

Individuals receiving a vaccine are required to present proof of vaccination (facility name where vaccine was administered, team member name, date of birth, vaccine name, manufacturer, and date of administration). Receipt of payment for vaccine WILL NOT be accepted as proof of vaccination.

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