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New Applicants


Welcome to Dean's Professional Services

Dean's Professional Services was founded in 1993 in Houston, TX, specializing in healthcare staffing. Since that time, we have been a career home-base for over 30,000 people across the state of Texas and the United States. Dean's Professional Services is just that - a service, we are not an agency.

Our goal is to become your career home-base.



Our clients include some of the largest and most renowned organizations in the country. 

We are here to service our applicants and employees through new job opportunities, continuing education, and career resources.  We provide staffing services throughout the United States. Our corporate office headquarters are located in Houston, TX. This office supports our nation-wide services.

Type of Jobs We Offer

Our goal everyday is to find our applicants a perfect match - not just a job, but a means to a new and better opportunity! 

  • Temporary

  • Temp to Hire

  • Direct Hire 

  • Seasonal / Gig

  • PRN / Contract

Benefits For Your Life

At Dean's Professional Services we offer an array of benefits for our employees. 

  • ACA Compliant Healthcare Benefits 

  • 401K Program

  • CPR Certification Discounts 

  • CEU Resources / Education Program Discounts 

  • Paid Vacation / Holiday Pay (based on hours worked) 

  • Payroll Benefits - ADP Paycard & Direct Deposit Options

  • Employee Referral Program

  • Employee Recognition 

How Our Process Works


If you're a new applicant and not sure what to expect, please know that we want to ensure you have all the necessary information to be successful in your job search.  Please remember, DPS is not the only vehicle for employment opportunities.  Because of the volume of responses we receive, we will contact you if your skills and experience match the job opportunities available. We encourage all of our applicants to sign up for job alerts to receive up to date information on our newest job opportunities.


We recruit based on basic qualifications, typically we are reviewing the last 6 months of your most recent employment history as our clients require recent experience. However, skill, education, background, employment history and references are all a part of our evaluation process. 

Applcant Process

Here's how our onboarding process works:


During the interview, we assess skill and personality through interaction, documentation and skill based assessments. 

NOTE: We are currently conducting all interviews remotely due to the COVID-19 situation.


Your invitation to orientation means you have been selected as a qualified candidate. During orientation, DPS reviews all information regarding policies and procedures.

NOTE: We are currently conducting all orientations remotely due to the COVID-19 situation.


Once we've identified a position that fits your qualifications, we will contact you to review the details of the position. Once reviewed, we will present your profile to our clients.

Most of our clients require a presentation of several qualified candidates to choose from. Once they have selected a candidate we will let you know either way.


The Compliance phase of our process includes DPS and client requirements. This can include any of the following items: background check, verification of education or employment, pre-employment healthcare requirements (immunizations, drug screen, nicotine screen), and other items.

Our HR Reps will walk you through this process.


Once you've been cleared by our HR Team and the client, you will be sent an assignment confirmation via email and your staffing coordinator will call to review the details. 

Make sure you have all the information necessary including pay rate, first pay day, parking and uniform instructions.

Follow Up & Availability

Follow up throughout your assignment is required. From here we'll want to know how your assignment is going. 

If you are not on an assignment, it is required that you submit your availability regularly to remain active in our system.


All applicants are subject to Dean's Professional Services employment policy, including but not limited to participation in drug screening, background check, and / or healthcare worker pre-employment screenings.

Pre-Employment Requirements

What is Compliance

Once you've been selected by a client, the compliance process begins. Compliance is separated into DPS minimum requirements and client specific requirements. Compliance requirements can include background checks, verifications of employment or education, professional reference checks and healthcare immunizations. 

Compliance Covered (cost) by DPS: 

  • Background Check

  • Employment Verification 

  • Education Verification

  • Professional Reference Check

Basic Minimum Requirements (for all DPS Employees):


  • License / Certification (based on position)

  • American Heart Association (AHA) CPR Certification (all clinical position)

  • Food Handler Certification (anyone handling food / working in kitchen environment)

  • Background Check 

  • Drug Screening 

Requirements to work in a Healthcare Environment:

The following requirements are specific for those working in a healthcare environment or providing direct patient care. All certification must be valid and unexpired to be acceptable. All documents must remain valid and updated throughout the duration of your employment with Dean's Professional Services. Employees will be notified of what is required based on the client. ​

Some of these items may require you to provide previous immunization records and health history or you may need to seek out your doctor, local clinic or other type of healthcare facility. Any certifications or screening results acquired belong to you and can be used for other employment, etc. In most cases you will be responsible for 100% of any cost associated with acquiring the required pre-employment screenings or certifications. 

  • TB Screening - Skin Test, Chest X-Ray, or blood test

  • Physical 

  • MVR Background Check 

  • Respiratory Fit Test 

  • Color Blind Screening 

  • Proof of immunity to Vaccine Preventable Diseases: 

    • MMR​

    • HEP B (or declination when optional)

    • Varicella 

    • Flu Vaccine (in season) or declination when optional 

    • Tdap (Tetanus / Diptheria / Pertussis)

Once you've completed your compliance process, all documentation and results will be evaluated by the client and our HR team and a final approval will be granted. Once the client has approved all documentation and information provided, you will be notified by the staffing team and confirmation will be provided for your new assignment. 

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