Candidate onboarding is a priority at Dean’s Professional Services. We qualify candidates based on our very own 5 point check system.

Recruiting and interviewing Applicants is only the beginning of our vetting process for potential new hires.

We take the time to review and verify all essential qualifying factors for our applicants. Every applicant is processed through our DPS 5-Point Check System as well as the client’s specific compliance requirements before being placed. In addition, we customize our compliance and on-boarding process specifically for the client.



Our trained professionals conduct a thorough interview utilizing behavioral and skill-based questions to determine applicant viability.

NOTE: We are currently conducting all interviews remotely due to the COVID-19 situation.

Specialty Evaluation

Applicants are evaluated based on an assessment of skills and experience to determine the candidate’s competency and their ability to perform the job applied for.

Clinical employees must also successfully pass a specialty evaluation and skills checklist.

Background Check

A comprehensive criminal history check including exclusion and sanction screenings are performed for all applicants during the application process and thereafter as required.

Specific background check requirements can be requested. Basic background checks include a 7-10 year look back, Sex Offender, OIG, EPLS. 

Education and License Verification

Primary source verification of education, license or certification, and credentials are conducted on every applicant. If licensed or certified by the state or governing body, verifications are conducted on an on-going basis.

Employment Verification

Employment and professional references are verified for each applicant. This process allows us to thoroughly and accurately assess the applicant’s soft skills and job stability for making a successful placement.