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Going Back to School Safely during COVID-19

Encouraging preventive measures to curb the spread of infection is the utmost importance for our community, especially during this school year. Once our schools reopen and students can return to classrooms, here are five ways to send your kids back to school safely:

Practice Social Distancing

Teach your kids the proper distance to keep between themselves and other students. Practice at what a safe distance looks like at home. Remind them not to share food, drinks, or anything, for that matter, with their friends.

Wear a Face Mask

Make sure your kids always have a face mask on while at school. Explain the importance of how the face mask will prevent the spread of germs. Get creative and find masks with their favorite color or character, so that they are more excited to wear it. Help them coordinate different masks with their outfits to keep it fun and fashionable - while keeping them safe at the same time.

Wash Your Hands

Proper handwashing not only reduces the spread of COVID-19, it can prevent the spread of other viral illnesses such as cold and flu. Make sure you pack a bottle of hand sanitizer with your child and show them how much to use, so that they can always keep their hands clean.

Visit the Doctor Before School Starts

Schedule an annual wellness exam for your kids before they go to school. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do a lot of things, but it has not changed the importance of checking in on your child's overall health and wellness. A healthy immune system starts with a healthy kid, meaning check-ups with your family doctor may be more important than ever right now.

Understand School Protocols

Contact the school officials to ensure you understand the plan of action and protocols if someone contracts COVID-19. Review the procedures, understand what to do and stay educated on updates from health and school officials.

Having your children return to school in the middle of a pandemic is not ideal, but we must make the best of it for now. Administrative staff must ensure that plans allow for regular communication to keep everyone involved well-informed about developments and plans as we adjust to our new normal. Stay updated with our Covid-19 updates here:

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