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5 Interview Tips for Success

Whether you are searching for an entry level or management position, it is important to prepare for the interview process. Interviewing doesn’t have to be a daunting process. Here are some recommended tips to have a successful interview and get hired!

1.      Dress for Success

Presenting yourself in a professional manner makes a great first impression and will also boost your confidence. Always prepare your wardrobe the day before and make sure your attire is cleaned, pressed and ironed for a fresh and pristine look. Not sure what to wear? Email or call the contact who scheduled the interview and ask about the typical company dress code. If that is not an option, you can google business or business casual dress code. Its also a good idea to dress a little more professionally than the dress code requires, just to make the best possible first impression. 

2.       Research, Research, Research.

You may think you know everything about the job youre applying for and how you may be the best candidate for role by reading the job description but if you don’t know about the company, you can’t properly access the company’s needs and how they align with your professional goals. Learning about the company is essential to showing your interviewer you are prepared and interested in the position. Reviewing the company’s website, social media and press releases can provide some great insight of the company’s goals and how they relate to the position you’re seeking.

3.       Practice Makes Perfect

Most interviews are conducted as a conversation, giving you the chance to show your personality as well as highlight your job skills. This can be a great way to give your interviewer an inside view of how you will fit into the company atmosphere.

Conduct mock interviews with a friend or colleague and ask for feedback. If you don’t have anyone to practice with you can videotape your responses and review them to perfect your answers and improve your body language. Community resources such as your college career center, job networks, alumni networks etc. can also be great avenues for career advice and interview techniques.

4.      Prepare your answers

Answering questions can often be the most nerve wrecking part of an interview because the spotlight is on you and many may feel answering a question incorrectly may cost them the opportunity. Preparing a list of commonly asked interview questions and practicing your answers is a great way to ease some of that nervousness.  You don’t have to memorize your answers but be sure to have a solid understanding of the message you want to convey.

Use this as an opportunity to demonstrate how your experience and qualifications make you an ideal candidate for the position.  

Also, create a list of questions you would like to ask the interviewer. Asking questions will give you a better understanding of the company’s goals and expectations. It also shows your interest in the position and that you aren’t simply just trying to get the job, you are assessing whether the company and the position are the right fit for your career.

5.      Follow Up

It is often easy to get so caught up in preparing for the interview you tend to forget about the process afterwards. Always send your interviewer an email thank you note to follow up on your candidacy and express your continued interest in the position. You may have had a great interview and are one of the top candidates but sending a thank you email is a great way to stand out and stay on your interviewer’s mind.

At Deans Professional Services professionalism is very important. We ask that applicants dress appropriately with no visible tattoos or piercings. The dress code may vary by employer so being aware and prepared are key factors to ensuring a successful interview.



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