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5 Easy Ways to Support Essential Workers During COVID-19

We are all extremely grateful to the superheroes serving on the frontlines of COVID-19 in essential services. Healthcare workers, grocery store staff, gas station staff, delivery employees, first responders, essential drivers, restaurant staff, and so many more. These heroes risk their own well-being on a daily basis to ensure we have essential care, supplies, safety, and services. There are so many simple ways to support essential workers during COVID-19. Check out of top 5 tips:

Say Thank You

The simplest way to thank someone is also the easiest way – just say thank you. When you encounter an essential worker, express your appreciation. Be kind and ask how they are holding up. Not only are they dealing with their own worries and frustrations, they must face the worry and frustration of the people they are serving, and it is not easy to handle. Let them know you are grateful for their dedication and sacrifices.

Show Gratitude

Another easy way to say thank you to essential workers during COVID-19 is to place creative, colorful signs outside your house, on a car window, or in a public space where they can see them. If you have children at home, this a wonderful project that will help keep them engaged while allowing them to get into the spirit of gratitude.

Gift a Night of Relaxation

Every essential worker could use a night of curling up on the couch and relaxing watching their favorite show. Gifting a subscription to one of the popular streaming services is just what the doctor ordered. Netflix, Hulu or Disney+ can provide some much needed entertainment and stress relief.

Support their Families

Many frontline workers during COVID-19 are working longer hours. They are serving us while their own family members are on their own at home. Help essential employees by supporting their family members. With summer here and uncertainty about activities and camps, this is an especially chaotic time for many families. While you may not be able to help in person, you can offer to assist their kids with virtual school activities while their parents take care of other responsibilities. Gift activities for their kids like board games, sidewalk chalk, puzzles and washable paint. Pick up groceries for them when you do your own supply run. Or take ita step further and gift them with a gift card to buy meals or to have them delivered for their family and/or co-workers to show by sending them some love in the form of cheesy goodness.

Practice Social Distancing & Wear Masks

The best gift you can give an essential worker is taking the right precautions when you’re out in the community to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Health officials recommend that we wear masks and when outside, use social distancing to stay at least six feet away from others.

If you are looking for more ways to support essential workers, please check online for the many places that are seeking donations/assistance on their behalf. We will happily give you a safe-distance air high-five for your support and good deed! Stay safe!

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