by Tiffany Wright, MSM, CSP, CHP

As the holiday season nears, seasonal employment spikes. We all know that retail is the most common industry for employment during the holiday season, but opportunities stretch far beyond the retail industry. The end of the year for most organizations is the time for planning, organization and administrative wrap up. And, if a business interacts at all with the retail industry, they too may designate the holidays as a busy season.

In healthcare, as the flu season goes into high gear, employment opportunities change. According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this year’s flu season is more damaging and dangerous than its been since 2009. This directly reflects hospital census, number of staff needed, and patient satisfaction. And, with full time employees wanting time off for the holidays, this is a great time for the unemployed to get a foot in the door through temporary employment.

Tips on Hiring Seasonal Employees

Assess your needs and anticipate challenges

This tip may sound like common sense, but as an employer, seeking out temporary or part time additional help at the last minute and without a plan can be expensive and counter-productive. Take an opportunity to look at the historical gaps in production or service during this time period.

Look for flexibility

Because the help needed usually include filling in when others are off and end of year projects, it is important to ensure that candidates are flexible and have a positive mind-set around change. In addition, you may have fluctuating hours or shifts, and candidates should be easy going and willing to learn quickly.

Have a good training plan and promote progress

Sometimes managers can plan for projects that are necessary for the end of the year, but its important for management to remember to be fiscally responsible and try to balance the productivity and sales in a time where it can be beneficial.

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